This is the second edition of the Humanitarian Hackathon. Last year edition, organized by ReDI School of Digital Integration was focusing on solving problems for refugees around the world in partnership with Norwegian Refugees Council.

This year, WWF Deutschland is bringing challenges they are facing around environmental protection. Let's hack during an entire week-end solution to help and solves problems and will have a real impact for our planet.

The event is open to everyone, Developers, Engineers, Designers, Product owners and Entrepreneurs. Join us, pitch your idea and hack together!

The solutions will be supported and implemented with WWF Deutschland.


Challenges in partnership with WWF Deutschland:

- Challenge #1: TBA

- Challenge #2 TBA


Sponsors & Partners

Thanks to them, without them, we could not have organized that event! Feel free to visit their page.
- ReDI School of Digital Integration
- Delivery Hero
- Epitech Berlin
- Beets&Roots
- Honeypot
- Tech Open Air


It is open for every one, with every level.

Hackathon Sponsors


658 in prizes

Tickets for Tech Open Air (2)

each members of the winning teams (1 per challenge) will get offered a ticket for Tech Open Air (

Mentorship (2)

The winning teams (1 per challenge) will get mentorship with WWF in order to implement their ideas.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Felipe Coelho Costa

Felipe Coelho Costa
Technical Lead Water Risk Filter, WWF

Malte Goesche

Malte Goesche
Partner Engineer, Facebook

Petr Prchal

Petr Prchal
Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Delivery Hero

Tom Hayton

Tom Hayton
Creative Director / Consultant / Speaker, Tom Hayton

Judging Criteria

  • TBA

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